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Cardiff Sub-Branch Centenary of Anzac
Dawn Service  Information 25 April 2016


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Links to Information and Services for Past and Present Service Personnel

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Brief for Dawn Service 25 April 2017

March Commences at 0500hrs - Muster 0445hrs     (See Picture below)

AT: Corner of Main Road and Macquarie Road      (See Picture below)

Ceremony Commences 0515hrs

AT: The Cenotaph in front of the RSL Club              (See Picture below)

Breakfast available post Ceremony
Tickets should be pre-purchased at the club reception

Comprehensive Information


Significance of the Centenary for 1917/2017

The year  2017 marks 101 years since the deployment of the original Anzac Forces to the savageness of the French and Belgium battlefields, where casualties were far greater than those from the Gallipoli peninsular.  Here the AIF was on active service until the end of the war on the 11th November 1918.  It was on these battlefields that the reputation of the Australian diggers was enriched.

Their first major battle on the Western Front was the battle of Fromelles fought on the 19th and 20th July 1916.  In 27 hours of incessant fighting the Australian battalions of the 5th Division were used in an attempt to stop any diversion of the German divisions to reinforce their other forces south on the Somme and sent on a virtually impossible attempt to capture Fromelles.

Ordered to assault higher fortified ground in daylight over open ground they suffered 5,533 causalities with 1,299 killed in action and 400 taken prisoner.  Even though this action is considered the most tragic event in Australia's history, the battle was until recent years forgotten by the Australian public.  I was only in July 1988 that a memorial park was dedicated at Fromelles.

The Australian divisions then went on to heighten their reputation; however that often sam them being used as 'shock' attack troops.

During the First World War, the five Australian divisions comprised less than 10 percent of the whole British forces operating on the Western Front, yet their achievements were immense.  They captured more than 23 percent of all prisoners taken, 23.5 percent of the enemy guns and 21.5 percent of all of the ground wrested from the Germans. It was said "The Australian soldiers did not win the First World War, but without the Australians it would have been lost"

The human costs were immense. A total of 313,814 men embarked from Australia including 6000 who had been returned to Australia and discharged, only to re-enlist.  Australian casualties amounted to a staggering 65 percent, the majority being suffered on the Western Front of France and Belgium where 179,537 Australians were killed or wounded.

Celebrations to commemorate this event will be held across Australia.

Cardiff RSL Sub Branch will hold its annual Dawn Service and it is anticipated that this may attract larger crowds than has occurred in past years.

AAs on all other Anzac Day Services, we wish to involve as many service and ex-service personnnel, children and civilians of the local area as possible.

A small working group has been assisting the Sub Branch committee to identify ways of making this Anzac Day Service a special event that will do credit to our Sub Branch.

It is proposed to produce a flyer which can be placed in the windows of Cardiff shops advertising the event.

The aim of this information is to ensure that all of our members are aware of the arrangements for Anzac Day so that they can participate in this historic occasion. 

Significance of the Centenary.

The Federal Government, through the Department of Veteran Affairs has made many grants available to enhance the Centenary celebrations.  This has included the provision of an impressive book which has been made available to the Sub branch in sufficient numbers to present to each school in our area.

Funding has also been provided to assist in the construction of the ANZAC walk in Newcastle as well as many other projects in our area.

People attending the Service, particularly School students will be encouraged to wear the medals of their deceased parents and grandparents on the right side of their chest.

We hope to encourage a greater than normal participation of School children but this may be difficult as Anzac Day falls on a Saturday. 


The timings for our Cardiff Sub Branch Dawn service will be:

4.45 AM.  Assemble for the March at the corner of Main Road and Macquarie Road Cardiff.
                             (see picture above)

5.00 AM.  March steps off and continues to the Cardiff RSL Memorial Club.
                             (see picture above)

5.15 AM.  The Dawn Service commences.
                             (see picture above)

It is expected that the Dawn service will take about 40-45 minutes
            depending on the number of Tribute Layers.

6.00 AM.  Breakfast will be served to those who have purchased tickets in the memorial Club.

8.30 AM.  Serving of Breakfast will cease. 


The preferred dress for our dawn Service for all members is Jacket and Tie and large medals.

Draft Programme

The draft programme is still being finalized but will be similar to previous years.  Planning is underway to increase the involvement of School students in the Service to ensure the significance of ANZAC Day continues.  Some of these arrangements will depend on the approval of the Department of Education. 

Proposed Souvenir Booklet

The Working Group assisting the Sub Branch Committee hopes to produce a limited number of booklets containing a variety of topics and information to commemorate the Centenary.  If we are successful in producing this booklet it will be made available to members and to as many members of the public that we can afford.

Transport to attend the Dawn Service
(2016 May be the last year that these services will be available)

The Sub Branch Committee would like to encourage the attendance of members who have difficulty in travelling to the service due to illness or a disability.  All of our members are asked to contact any member who may have problems and either volunteer to help with transport, or speak to Syd or our committee members about the possibility of the Sub Branch subsidizing a taxi fare on this occasion.

It is also proposed to arrange with the Club to have a courtesy bus take members home from the Club from about 8.30 am to 12 noon.

The Newcastle Service at Civic Park

The Working Group has made tentative arrangements to hire a bus to take members who would like to take part in the Newcastle march or attend the Civic Park service.  Although there seemed to be a great deal of support for this proposal at the January meeting, a firm commitment on numbers at the February meeting only produced two names.  Unless there is some significant turn around in numbers at the March meeting this proposal will not continue. 

Assistance required by the Cardiff Ladies Auxiliary.

Each year the members of the ladies Auxiliary work hard to organize and serve the breakfast following the Dawn Service.  The number of volunteers is never enough and more help is required.  If any of our members or their family members are available to help, their assistance would be gratefully received.

If you can help, please contact Corinne Peters on 49545009 to offer your assistance and get details.

The Ladies Auxiliary will also be fund raising by selling tickets in a raffle both before and on the day.  The cost of the raffle is $1.00 per ticket.  The first prize is a figurine of Simpson and his donkey and the second prize is a set of six limited edition medallions.  Both these prizes have included in them sands from the beach of Gallipoli.

All members are encouraged to buy a ticket and support our hard working Ladies Auxiliary.

Breakfast Arrangements

Tickets for the breakfast should be purchased prior to Anzac Day.  Arrangements will be made for serving 600 breakfasts and once this number has been reached no more will be available.

The cost will be $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children.  One beer is included in the adult price.  Arrangements have been made with the RSL Club for the breakfast tickets to be sold at the Club Counter after our April meeting.

Following the breakfast a sausage sizzle will be conducted by the Cardiff Scouts as a fund raiser for them. 

Drinks for members

Free tickets for a limited number of drinks will be made available to Sub-Branch members only on the day by members of the Committee.

Wet Weather Arrangements

The Dawn service will continue regardless of the weather.  A separate plan for the layout has been prepared to ensure that health and safety regulations are complied with.

A decision on the march will depend on prevailing weather conditions on the day.

Syd Lynch JP                                                                           Ron Kennedy JP
President                                                                                  Secretary


          For comprehensive information on Gallipoli and the ANZAC History click below image to visit:
                                           Australian Government - Department of Veterans' Affairs

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